Learning Next.js

January 2, 2021

In the spirit of my last blog post talking about learning new things, I decided to learn Next.JS, which is a JavaScript framework built on top of React for web development. One of the main reasons I was particularly interested in Next.JS was because of it's opinionated optimizations.

In my last post I mentioned that I spent a lot of time learning about the technical details of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and trying to optimize my Django application for that. I was ultimately reasonably successful in it but much of the logic to do so was tedious to author and rather unpleasant, which is why I'm excited about Next.JS, since it automates much of this for you right out of the box.

To learn it, I built this blog using their tutorial, which I highly recommend!

My goal is to move Unidos to Next.JS for the front-end and keep the Django back-end, much of which I've already converted to APIs.